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Dexterous director Suresh Krissna is like an MCF (Master Control Facility in Hassan) of South Indian silver screen – he is a Master in exercising Control over this mass visual media that Facilitates the producers to go almost near to success. We all know that the work of any art does not exist without its audience. Here in this neat package for family and fans this director gives a trouble free film. From the fountain of thought of a director there is a very much needed respite for Kannada audience. In the days of bizarre of ‘Chaku Churi Guns and Bombs’ culture on screen ‘Kadamba’ stands out for its brilliance in screenplay, acting, cinematography and music department. The background music normally not cared gives an extra boom for the film.  

The pillars of this 21st century ‘Kadamba’ dynasty on silver screen are vivacious Vishnuvardhana, remarkable Suresh Krissna, live wire Naveen Krishna, heart throb of family audience Bhanupriya and of course the discerning producers Kamalakar and M.B.Babu.  

Besides all department showing complete involvement the redeeming feature of this film is the quick pace of the film. It runs like a bullet train. The director’s super fast approach in narration, respecting the audience by covering up the incidents in quick fold is perhaps for the first time in Kannada cinema. You feel how come so much is possible in such a short time. The editor in director or director in editor has cautiously worked. The director makes the audience well prepared from the beginning and educates the brains to understand the situations without missing any elements. Time is very precious the director knows well.  

The style, action and dialogue delivery of Vishnuvardhana, the emotional tie up between Vishnuvardhana and Bhanupriya, the furious son Naveen Krishna splendid account in the acting department are a treat to watch. The cinematography by Ramesh Babu gives you a serene feeling, the music and lyrics by Deva and Kalyan respectively is almost appropriate.

One of the most obvious facts about grow-ups to a child is that they have forgotten what it is like to be a child. Precisely like this the high class cop Madhukeshwara Kadamba (Vishnuvardhana) looks at his spoiled child in the frame work of law. There is an adage in Kannada – ‘Shikshegintha Shikshana Kotre Satpraje agabahadu’ (Instead of punishment the education is given then he or she becomes a fine citizen)  For the son Rajasekhara (Naveen Krishna) it is 14 years of isolation that makes him to become sick of his parents. The crudity of his cop father perturb him when he is kidnapped as a school going boy. Further the young son in the company of bad elements becomes a thief in his own house. This makes his father to beat him up. Sensing torture the young boy runs out of the house. He makes an attempt to murder and inform to police in a far off place that he is an orphan. This is a sudden shock for ACP Kadamba and his wife Yaamini. It is not like in Sri Ramayana after the son finishes 14 years of punishment. He is offered aristocratic life but he never reform in his thoughts about his parents. He further steals money and on his birthday his father arrest him by a plot. What more you require now for a grown up boy to keep vengeance on his parents. Raja is bailed out by the opponents of his father in a crucial circumstance. Further Raja’s efficiency helps the rabble-rouser Sharatchandra in an important case. This in fact puts Kadamba out of his work. This may be a ruthless plot on the part of Raja but it is much better than cutting legs hands and heads. It is just cutting the job of his father.

Now the suspended Kadamba is invoked from darkness by Rockline a reformed don. Kadamba gives sleepless nights to trouble mongers from his brilliance. The much expected climax is effectively captured but the unity of father and son is routine.

In the career graph of Vishnuvardhana ‘Kadamba’ is an exceptional film. In the mixture of action and emotions Vishnuji is spectacular. The actor who makes acting like gulping a glass of water Vishnuvardhana touches the hearts in silence. As the screen Simha (Lion) he has no parallel.  Naveen Krishna son of richly talented actor Srinivasamurthy has doled out an excellent performance. He has a tremendous future ahead and it is left for him to become another Prakash Rai or Shahrukh Khan. Bhanupriyaji you have made every female audience to pick their handkerchief. Your experience has made this role look very natural. In the Yamini song you make us to take a look at your flash back days. In Sangathiye… song you are apt ‘Amma’. Friend in need is a friend in deed Ramesh Bhat immaculately suits the role. This is a very short role for a big actor Srinivasamurthy. Rekha looks homely.

Banner – Universal Films

Story – Universal films team

Producers – Kamalakar and M.B.Babu

Screenplay and Direction – Suresh Krissna

Music – Deva

Lyrics – K.Kalyan

Cinematography – Ramesh Babu

Dialogues – M.S.Ramesh

Cast – Vishnuvardhana, Bhanupriya, Naveen Krishna, Rekha, Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Tarunkumar, Gurudutt, Srinivasamurthy, Shivaram, Satyapriya and others.

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