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srinivasa murthy, prema, vishnuvardhan, raashi, hemachaudari in Jamendrarru Movie

Kala Samrat S.Narayan’s latest venture is a pack of mixed fruit jam. It caters to all sections of audience. A well developed, ‘Bettappa’ role is SUPERAPPA. Superstar Vishnuvardhan has given an energetic and electrifying performance. He is the only one who can handle the role of ‘Bettappa’ in Kannada filmdom. Producer K.Manju’s best film so far in his career is a WHOLESOME FAMILY ENTERTAINER.

The highly respected family in the village is divided because of a family issue. The head of the family Srinivasamurthy – the Jamindarru is of the firm opinion that it is intimacy and sweet memories that carry the life with affluence and respect on the one side. With such a strong belief he does not inform Bettappa and Biligiri (both played by Vishnuvardhan) who is their real mother in the two wives he has. In fervent appeal to know who is the real son one of the two mothers dies piercing knife in front of her children. Bettappa on the final rites day runs away from the scene and develops a strong vengeance for his father. Bettappa lives separately with his confident Sunderraj and his family while Jamindarru with Biligiri and others live separately.

It is like history repeats for Jamindarru. Biligiri is in love with Prema but his relative daughter Rashi living in his house is in love with Biligiri. On the other side Bettappa likes Prema and in a confusion that Bettappa is in love with Rashi the marriage is fixed as old vengeance come to an end. But Bettappa is shocked and yells at Sunderraj on the way to reach to reach for his marriage. The bridegroom Raashi waiting patiently in the marriage hall is faced with insult and so is Jamindarru. Jamindarru trusting his son Biligiri ask him to tie the nuptial knot to Rashi but Prema arrives on the scene seeking justice as Biligiri had promised to marry her. Sensing this Bettappa questions his father but to bail out the big respected family from further insult both Rashi and Prema express their intention of marrying Biligiri. Bettappa shuts his mouth and walks out.

All is not well in the Biligiri with two wives family. Prema and Rashi develop the labor pain at a time and one child dies. Biligiri sensing the future does not bring to the notice who is the mother of the just born male child. This is in order to bring new awakening in the society where we are living. Biligiri encounter his son after many years on this particular issue but he declines. In the happy going family of Biligiri one of his two wives Prema is bite by snake and that demand a ritual by a bachelor in the family. This charged sentiment melodrama brings Bettappa very near to his father Jamindarru family.

Jamindarru and Biligiri feel depressed with the long lasting vengeance and decide to transfer the position of Jamindarru to Bettappa on the festival day in the village. But a bloody fight results with detractors looking for end of ‘Jamindarru’ family. In a fit of anger to save the prestige of the Jamindarru family Bettappa arrives on the scene and he rolls down a few heads. After years Jamindarru is lying on death bead. Bettappa returns to see his father at the last minute and he is given the sacred ‘Kadaga’ as a mark of transfer of ‘Jamindarru’ position. But the destiny has something in store. You better watch it in theatres. Jamindarru is showing 200 shows a day in Karnataka.

Vishnuvardhan in double role has once again done a wonderful job. He is near perfection in Bettappa role. The mind gets disturbed and you start respecting this towering personality. His long hair, huge moustache, the costume, his agile walking style and delivery of dialogue are electrifying. But he is a man with butter heart. The young chap Vishnuvardhan looks little bit tired. Srinivasamurthy the senior actor of Kannada cinema makes Kannada film industry proud with his cool and composed acting. He deserves the best supporting role for this one. Anu Prabhakar among the three heroines outshines Prema and Raashi. A small role Anu does is lively.

Cameraman Mathew has done a fine job when he comes out and remains inside the palace looking house. The graphic technology and two songs are worth hearing. The song with Anu on Veena is melodious. The rest of the songs are below average.

Director S.Narayan focusing attention on two wives is not acceptable. But he attacks this theory when Bettappa argues strongly against two wives. This is a consolation. He has given lovely dialogues. Especially when Biligiri utters in front of his son – Magu Huttuta Kalidabba thara Bandhu bilathe. Thayiya Haalu Kudidagale adhakke ‘Gnana’ baruvadhakke shuruvagodhu.

What is expected from Narayan in forthcoming films is not the comedy he has churned out in this film. He is growing strongly and his comedy sense also should see a growth. We have become sick of the dysentery scene. Let it be more decent.

‘Jamindarru’ is not a dry Jamoon. It is a spicily prepared sumptuous lunch for the whole family. Don’t miss this power packed, sentiment mixed and well acted film.

Banner : Lakshmi Sri Combines

Producer : Gandugali K.Manju,  

Banner : Lakshmi Sri Combines

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Songs, Direction : S.Narayan

Cinematography : Mathew

Music : Keeravani M M

Cast : Vishnuvardhan – double role, Srinivasamurthy, Sunderraj, Prema, Raashi, Anu Prabhakar, Shobaraj, Doddanna, Mu.Ma.Chandru, Sharat Simha, Ashalatha and others

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