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vishnuvardhan in Hrudyavantha movie

A feast at the festival time for Vishnuvardhan fans. Besides offering the feast there is a very controlled and compact direction from the director. After a point of time how to get the things done from the hero like Vishnuvardhan has worked out well. The brother and sister sentiment, the importance given to farmers, respect for woman, the show of strength for the good of the poor people have been tucked here by the director.

With such a theme it is quite impossible for any director to further uphold his thoughts unless he gets an actor like Vishnuvardhan. In emotion and action Vishnuvardhan proves once again that he is the best.

A hapless boy takes all odds on his side to get education to his sister so that she can come to the same village as doctor. The boy the protagonist Vishnuvardhana educate his sister in a prestigious school and whether it is a road of roses for him? No he works as a goonda to a money lender and does his work for the master. Does he continue like this? Baap re. A hero has to have many shades. He gets all the money of his master and he returns the same money from whom his master took by charging heavy interest. He is Hrudayavantha. He returns to his village on a promise that not even a single drop of water the poor people has to collect in their eyes. He is Nishtavantha. Back in the village with a few acres of land he gives job for number of people and educate them. He is Pragnavantha. Has the life come to a comfortable situation for him? No. He has the trouble mongers in the village for his magnanimity. So when the real problem occurs after some years what he does? He is Asthivantha. He gives the entire property of him in the village as security and relieve the farmers from the clutches.  

So what’s the problem for him to get married and settle down in life. He is Gunavantha. He wants his sister to return after her MBBS studies. See that she is married. Then only he wants to have children in his life. Whether this happens for him in quick reels on screen. The director wants show that the hero is Upayavantha, Nyayavantha  and Shakthivantha. His sister on her return from studies is tamed to the village life by her own brother – the protagonist. So the confusion starts and action begins. What is that. Watch it on screen.  

Over all director P.Vasu is ‘Buddivantha’. Out of immense love for Vishnuvardhan the director at times has forgot to edit the film sharply. Hamsalekha has given very meaningful lines and made it tolerable in the background music too. There is a splendid camera work by Ramesh Babu. The lush green fields, the glorious indoor, the lighting required for indoor have been well measured in the camera.

Vishnu is once again victorious in action and emotion. He is the ‘Sthivantha’ as for as acting is concerned.  The costumes the make up for him make him to look like that he is 30’s. Nagma looks age old. She does not suit Vishnu and this kind of film. She has lost her charm. Anu gives tidy performance in her short presence. But she is not injured a little when a bus she was traveling is set ablaze in which three of her friends die. Doddanna and Mandiprai comedy – there is nothing new and it falls flat.

K.Manju the producer is ‘Adrushtavantha’. This is his career best film.

Producer – K.Manju,  

Story, Screenplay, Direction – P.Vasu,  

Cinematography – Ramesh Babu

Lyrics and Music – Hamsalekha

Stunt – Pambal Ravi

Editing – Sounderrajan

Cast – Vishnuvardhan, Nagma, Anu Krishnakumar, Rangayana Raghu, Shivaram, Doddanna, Shobaraj, Pragathi, Master Chandan, Sunderraj and others.

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