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bc patil, damini in Hatturaodeya movie

In his maiden double role film the rural star B.C.Patil has shown exemplary skill. But the sad part is that some of the department of film making have not cooperated. Had he sought the help of his dexterous brother Ashok Patil at least in the area of editing this film could have been a very well made film. The key villains of this film are editing and make up.  

Like we said earlier B.C.Patil continues to be workaholic. There is wonderful music, lovely dialogues pleasing photography and tolerable acting from all.

Hatturu Odeya B.C.Patil is the model personality in and around 10 villages. He is extremely conscious. For lovers who belong to two separate castes he gives a ruling that the girl and boy should be separated. He knows pretty well that after this marriage there would be bloodshed in two villages. Where as by ruling like that only two young hearts die. For such a conscious loving personality there is turmoil in the house. He is left with no option to send his son to military so that he can give ample care for his sibling daughters. The strict disciplinarian Hatturu Odeya (HA) son returns from military and once again the uphill task for him comes in the form of his son’s lover. The dejected junior HA (Patil again) falls prey to liquor and it is only after pretty lass Sanghavi entry in to his life he changes his attitude. You know the Indian cinema has the right portions of pathos when everything is going right.

Jr HA bounces back and maintain the lost prestige of the house and it is a happy ending.

Patil looks very tired from the beginning. However he has reasons to look like that. He has multiple responsibilities. Presence of Sanghavi peps up the film to some extent. Dummy Dhamini has to do lot of exercises if she wants to remain in this field.

It is wonderful work from Kalyan once again. Three songs remain in the memory after you come out from the theatres. Musically the film has really won. Sooryanu Belakina Madike…. Song will last long in the memory of audience.

Patilji you needed to be perfect in some areas of this film. You don’t take the responsibility of all those areas. Pick the right persons or keep Patil junior (Ashok) for your chase of dreams.

Banner : Om Shakthi Films

Producer, Screeplay, Direction : B.C. Patil

Story, Dialogue : Madhu  

Music  : K. Kalyan

Cinematography : Ramachandra

Cast : B.C. Patil (double role), Sanghavi, Damini, Avinash, Pramila Josia, Padma Vasanthi, Aravind, Mandya Ramesh, Karibasavaiah, Bank Janardhan, Komal and others.

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