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The hype and hoopla created by box office badshah of Kannada cinema Upendra is not thrown in the wind. We can feel proud of this lanky hero Upendra who has got everlasting future. This type of movie is an experiment in the commercial set up. With the backdrop of Cauvery issue the Kannada and Tamil stars taking stock of the situation with entertainment at regular intervals is an exceptional film.

What happens when two top stars come on screen? Do they set the screen on fire?  Yes, this was supposed to happen in real life when Upendra and Prabhudeva the box office heroes of Kannada and Tamil films ‘H20’ was released all over Karnataka. While the two top heroes were setting many enjoyable and entertaining plots the booing crowd was applauding their matinee idols. The mixing of languages by Upendra is also timely and in some places it is difficult to digest.

The efficiency of Upendra is extremely good. He has put in his verdict in each and every frame of the film and thus makes it a compact film.

HE HAS NOT GIVEN ROOM FOR ACTIVISTS TO MAKE USE OF THIS FILM TO GAIN THEIR ULTERIOR MOTIVE. The Kannadigas and Tamilians can really feel proud of this utopian Upendra’s masterpiece.  

This is no doubt the best so far from Upendra. In meeting his end in love he has not used the scaring moments. He follows what Ravichandran does on screen. The poised and poignant style has crept into Upendra’s mind.

The tactics of Upendra to make the audience to believe something is correct and deceiving their assumptions and again putting the audience mind in great degree of thought has continued here also. It was in ‘A’ the Rs.20 crore spinner made Upendra to use such tactics. He continued in the film ‘Upendra’ – a film with his name that again brought him laurels at the box office.

The serene village Honnur is dominated by Udaya Shanker (Upendra) and Chennur belongs to Vaira Muthu (Prabhudeva) as they are the highly educated youngsters. They have made their village high tech. In Honnur a beggar comes in a motorbike, the scavenger is in full suit, for the delivery for a slum woman a Cielo car comes. In Chennur the return of Vairamuthu from America the village is on the verge of becoming another Singapore. The agriculturists have mobile and laptops. The two villages have a common Naturopathy doctor Cauvery (Priyanka) and she is affectionate to both language people. There is when Kirik (Babu Mohan) who is a sadist and trouble creating is his sole intention in both the villages. He is a sadist politician too and does not want peace. On the other hand Muthu’s has a rival who wants to bring bad name to him so that he can win the elections.

The language barricade confuses Udaya and Muthu that leads to hot up situation. On the other hand both Muthu and Udaya are in love with Cauvery. For deviating the Cauvery mind from Muthu, Udaya finds a solution and after reels he makes us to believe that he has just goofed up to win Cauvery’s mind. Cauvery is also confused what is happening and a politician in Chennur where Muthu is living injects venomous news in the minds of people. It is in the imagination of this politician that leads to violence and bloodshed. Once again Upendra drops a pertinent issue. That is the suspense part. Finally Cauvery is left to the nature from where she grew up.

The settings and backdrops selected in this film are extraordinary. The camera work of Venu is excellent.

Both Upendra and Prabhudeva scintillate. Upendra deserves more marks because he is the story, screenplay and dialogue writer besides acting. Priyanka fits the role but she has not got the dancing ability.

Uppigintha Ruchi Bere Illa, H20 noddoru Daddaralla. This is a mass entertainer and there is no need for chaos.

Banner : Dhanraj Films

Producer  : H.G.Guru Babu

Directors  : Lokanath and Rajaram

Story, Screenplay, dialogues   : Upendra

Cinematography : H.C. Venu

Music : Sadhu Kokila

Stunts : Ramshetty

Editor : Shashikumar

Cast : Upendra, Prabhudeva, Priyanka, Babu Mohan, Pushpaswamy, Bank Janardhan, Kavitha and others

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