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ambareesh, shruthi, devaraj in gowdru movie

The 200th film of rebel star Ambarish the sitting MP from Mandya and renowned actress Anjani takkar’s 100th film ‘Gowdru’ has many glorious elements. Set in the village background this is a tragic family melodrama with convincing performance from Ambarish, Anjani takkar and Devaraj. There is some eye catching cinematography from Chandru, editing from Sounderraj and songs and lyrics from Hamsalekha

Ramegowdru and Gowri are model brother and sister. The adjacent village Gowda Devaraj marries Gowri and everything is fine for a few reels. The venom injected by a third party divides the two thick families and apparently the brother and sister are detached. Many reels flow that tests the brother and sister sentiment. When Gowri revolt against her husband Devaraj there we find a long battle. It is nothing but tragedy thereafter. In the flash back we see the Gowdru Ambarish wife Meena falling to the river as a sacrifice to get salvation to drought situation.

This is the career best performance of Ambarish. Taking out time from busy schedule Ambarish has worked hard even though he looks very plum. The director has efficiently stitched many scenes that highlight the ‘Dhanashoora Karna’ tag of Ambarish in real life. But the audience on the first day (fans) did not resist the scolding made on their screen god.  

The song Gowdre Gowdre…., between Ambarish and Devaraj reminds one of the ‘Babruvahana’ film- the song between Arjuna and Babruvahana (both played by Dr.Rajkumar very efficiently).

Anjani takkar has given once again a tear-jerker performance with authenticity. Ambarish and Devaraj lived up their images and they do not disappoint their fans.

It is a feast for the fans.

Banner – Sandesh Combines

Producer – Sandesh Nagaraj

Director – S.Mahender

Music and lyrics – Hamsalekha

Cinematography – Chandru

Editing – Sounderraj

Cast – Ambarish, Devaraj, Anjani takkar, Meena (guest role), Karibasavaiah, Ramesh Pandit, Chytra, Vishal Hegde, Kitty and others.

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