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upendra, rakshitha in gokarna movie

Except for action there is nothing in the film. Even the fights are illogical and difficult to imagine. Upendra and his gang is under wrong notion that the continuity of ‘Kutumba’ could ring the cash registers. A hero fighting with number of armed persons is so meaningless. Besides this the contents of the story derived from ‘Annamalai’ painted according to action image of Upendra here in Kannada is not new to Kannada cinema.  

After watching this power packed film one thing strikes the film – who is giving wrong guidance for a dexterous man called ‘Upendra’. Has Upendra lost his individuality in thinking? Is he under pressure?  

There is nothing much to write about the story. Two thick pals with good attitudes belonging to rich and poor class divide in their friendship. Ollethanakke Bele Miss adaga. They unite at the end is what we have seen in innumerable films. At this climax we feel Upendra is out of stock of ideas.

The hero Upendra is a man of steel. So he steals the show in action portions. He is a very good dialogue presenter and for front benchers he gives the punch. Uppi has danced well like in ‘Kutumba’. Gurukiran gives two lovely tunes. Rest of the cast is like a pack of jokers. especially S.Ramesh.

A film that immediately recommends for head ache tablets.

Producer – Sudheendrakumar

Direction – Naganna


Cinematography – Krishnakumar

Cast – Upendra, Rakshita, Madhu Bangarappa, S.Ramesh, Satyajit, Dr.Nagesh, Tennis Krishna, Indhudhar and others.


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