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sunil rao, ramya in excuse me movie

This is an up-to-date film for the younger generation. The mixing of music in a love story is also unusual. Director Prem in his second film (earlier one is ‘Kariya’) has showed his grit and determination in each and every frame. He is undoubtedly the promising director. On the other hand producer N.M.Suresh banking on the treasure of director Prem and music director R.P.Patnaik the famous name in adjacent Telugu films has showed his guts. As of today without a top hero it is difficult to get the crowd to the theatres. The initial draw of star films is the most wanted for any producer.  

If the films like ‘Preethse’, ‘Nammura Mandhara Hoove’, ‘Chandramukhi Pranasakhi’, ‘Yaare Neenu Cheluve’ strikes to the viewers mind while watching this ‘Excuse Me’ it is not our problem. Yet the film is extremely good in many portions.  

Two young boys with contrast attitudes settle down in a city. Sunil is a cantankerous youth while Ajay a piano player is soft and studious in his nature. For Sunil roaming and running around girls is a hobby. An amazing tune which Ajay tunes in a roadside attracts Ramya but unfortunately she is not been able to see him. In the big bad city where Ramya studies in a college Sunil fall to her beauty and after reels they start liking each other. On the other side Ajay and Ramya come very close with the same tune in many places but they are not able to meet each other. Ajay and Sunil residing in one roof exchange their love and obviously Sunil is enraged with Ajay’s attempts to meet Ramya. From then on Sunil hatches vicious plans to keep both Ramya and Ajay at a distance. He reaches to the engagement day and during the course of time Ramya also come to a wrong conclusion that Sunil is the original owner of  her haunting tune which she had heard long time back. So when everything is fine for Sunil he has to take a deep curve and his egoistic nature is exposed. In the South Indian music competition accidentally Ajay picks up the haunting tune and this leads to all sorts of confusion and chaos. Who wins Ramya you want to know – Excuse us – please go and watch in the theatres.

The brilliant photography adds extra dimension to the film. Director Prem is clever and uses the very ordinary issues in an effective style.  

While Ramya is apt it is not in the case of Sunil. He does not suit the hero post. Yet he has struggled and remained different. Ajay looks far better but all his capacity is not tapped in his first film.  

R.P.Patnaik the ‘Naik’ of Telugu cinema has given some mind blowing tunes. The title song, Rodigilidha Radhika, Brahma Vishnu….., Sorry Sorry songs are sure to become rage.  

Let any film strike to your mind ‘Excuse Me’ is refreshing. Go Watch it.

Banner – Thulaja Bhavani Creations

Producer – N.M.Suresh

Story, Screenplay and Direction – Prem

Music – R.P.Patnaik

Cinematography – Seenu

Cast – Ramya, Sunil, Ajay, Ramakrishna, Ramesh Bhat, Sumalatha, Thulasi, Kashi and others.

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