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dum movie review
sudeep, rakshitha in dum movie

This is an action extravaganza. M.S.Ramesh has really showed his ‘guts’ in making a nice action film that stands out from other action films. The dialogues and wonderful performance by key artistes has boosted up the quality of the film. Producer Srinivas must be highly relieved man for the challenging display of talent by director Ramesh and his team.

The protagonist Varada (Sudeep) is like a fire when the injustice comes in front of him. His heart is equivalent to ice cream otherwise. He picks up the ‘long’ on a solid reason and continues his vengeance when required. His mother is against to Varada’s firing principles but Varada thinks he is only the bad element in the house and never gives up his ideals. But the inner heart of Varada is also struggling to get good name and this is established in the climax.

The fiery handsome guy in love with his opponent’s daughter (Rakshita) reaches a tight spot when his sister is murdered. He hatches a nice plot and fulfills his task of retaining the glory of his father. He only begs with his mother to accept him as a good son after setting the goons on the ground.  

Sudeep the handsome tall and lanky hero of Kannada cinema has given a chilling performance. His dialogue delivery style is tremendous and he dances in this film quite convincingly. Rakshita the beauty of Kannada nadu has given a controlled performance. She has the tremendous potentiality and it is up for the industry to makes use of the talent of Rakshita in Sandalwood.

The striking performance of Raghunath of Rangayana is a notable catch of director M.S.Ramesh. Raghunath has added a new dimension to his diction of Kannada delivery. It is nice. The beginning days of Bollywood bad guy Sadashiv Amrapurkar strikes the mind for the ability expressed by Raghunath. One wonders why the Kannada industry was keeping quiet with such a talented person around us.

Sumitra, Nazer, Srinath rendered good support. Gurukiran picks the tunes of his own films and rehashes it (example Chandu and Premi No.1). Cinematography by Venu is as usual good.

Congrats for the convincing job done by Ramesh and Team.

This is worth watching a film.

Banner : R.S.Productions

Producer: Kanakapura Srinivas

Story, Screeplay, Direction : M.S.Ramesh

Music  : Gurukiran

Cinematography : H.C.Venu

Cast : Sudeep, Rakshita, Nazer, Sumitra, Srinath, Raghunath (of Rangayana), Arun, Chitra Shenoy and others.


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