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Darshan, Amrutha in daasa movie

Director P.N.Sathya in his yet another action venture has exercised strong control over the media. He knows what the audience wants – the thrills and chills - to spend two and half hours in the cinema hall. Once again he gives ‘long’ to Darshan after ‘Majestic’ that ringed the cash registers. 

This ‘Daasa’ - Mohana Dasa comes from an utter poverty stricken family. For him mother is first and all others are further. He takes out the sweater he is wearing on the day he won the Gold medal for studies in the college in front of heroine - who says ‘I love you’ and slaps her on her face. He explains how many patches are there in his shirt – all these are the utter difficulties he has. For him looking after mother is everything in life and not anyone else in his life as important as mother and walk away – the entire college gives thunderous applause.

Back home he is searching for his mother who is working as a maidservant at simple and humble Chief Minster house. There he finds the CM is murdered. How this has happened? The corrupt colleague of CM frames Mohana Dasa in this murder case and his mother is termed having illegal relationship with CM. Mohanadasa lands up in prison. His mother dies and how he is left at large is not explained by the director. After all these Dasa becomes an underworld deal master. His only thirst is that the same person who framed him and called his mother as prostitute should admit in public the facts.

It is a punching and power packed performance once again from Darshan. Avinash shouts and salutes as encounter Amar. Satyajit screams a lot and succumb to Dasa’s strategies. Amrutha is tolerable. Songs does not deserve any mention. Cinematography is apt.

A film for fans.

Producer – Ramesh Yadav
Story, screenplay, dialogue and direction P.N.Sathya
Cinematographer – Sundarnath Suvarna
Music – Kokila Saadhu
Cast – Darshan, Amrutha, Avihash, Satyajit, Padma Vasanthi, Jr.Narasimharaju, Ramesh Pandit and others.

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