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A splendid first half runs like a super fast express. The second half goes with usual good message. After viewing the pre interval you expect something more dashing and daring in the second half. You would feel that first half itself would have been enough. But the touchy aspect of ‘teenage pregnancy and its problems’ alerts the society. However, this remake from the top house of Telugu films Dr.Ramoji Rao is cherubic for the first half. The presentation of the film to the present generation is high class. No fights, not much of melodrama (exception to first half) a bunch of friends looking after the comedy department and Gurukiran to make you crazy and of course handling the minute elements effectively is what draws you to this film. Not only in ‘teenage problem’ in other areas of life such calm and collected approach is needed is what sincerely felt.

It is a usual college campus. Ramu a prolific singer and guitarist with five lovely friends are joy loving careless youths. Enters Chitra from United States of America to this college to continue her studies. What you expect definitely happens. Everyone is bowled out to this ‘Jinkemari’. But Chitra a girl of 22nd century (her advancement is ahead of one century) takes liking to Ramu a middle class youth.  

Teenage sensation leads to pregnancy. So what next? Ramu thinks of abortion but Chitra says no. She is finding her mother in the womb. So you have the baby production of course after muscles reaction. The two separate sects of families in the society hitherto furious adjust to the younger generation flaws.  

This is not all over. The birth of baby also leads to birth of problems in the teenage family. Ramu is interested in his studies and part time job to support the family and on the other hand the ‘Jinkemari’ with one cute kid ‘Jinke’ is not able to cope up the route assignments. In a fit of anger Ramu says ‘ninage mattu maguge dodda namaskara’. This is enough for Chitra to teach Ramu a lesson. In the examination hall she drops the baby in the basket and walks out of Ramu life.  

Yet the motherly attachment she has with the baby how can she discard it is what you feel. But all for good is what the end says.  It looks so stupid that the invigilator and lecturer of Ramu the only lecturer we see in the entire film looks after the baby. So it is the climax stage wherein Ramu’s father reaches the campus and gives a lecturer what the others in the teaching department could not give.  

Perhaps the director has bowed to some of the compulsions. He has put a ‘lakshman Rekha’ and does not cross the boundary. The characters in the first half suddenly become very serious in the second. Compared to the real life such development is foolish.

Prasad making debut is not the right choice. He looks very ordinary. Anirudh Jathkar looks very smart when compared to Prasad. Not only that Prasad has no ability at his work. The expected one ‘dance’ as he is the brother of boneless wonder Prabhudeva is also of poor standards. The friend gang is the one that give more lively moment in the film. Except Prasad all of them have performed well with perfect timing.  

The new find Chitra looks very cute when she does not open her mouth. How she looks in different get ups is not possible to tell from this film. Her daring attitude to accept bedroom scenes is a welcome.  

It is once again Ananthnag touches you not only with dialogue delivery but also in acting. You may find the quarrel of Ananthnag with Vanitha Vasu is unwanted but you enjoy because of Ananthnag’s performance. Kashi crosses his limits in this film. Remesh Bhat renders able support.

Besides Dinesh Baboo’s cinematography there are two other wonder called Gurukiran and lyricist K.Kalyan. One sincere advice to Babooji is that don’t get struck to remake films. You are a creative director and cameraman.

With scores of college campus story films still ‘Chitra’ nijavaagalu nodabahudaada ‘chitra’. But beware of teenage pregnancy.

Banner : Usha Kiron Movies

Producer : Dr.Ramoji Rao

Story  : Teja

Cinematography and Direction :  Dinesh Baboo

Music : Gurukiran

Lyrics : K.Kalyan

Cast : Prasad, Chitra, Ananthnag, Vanitha Vasu, Anirudh, Anand, Ramesh Bhat, Kashi, Ashalatha and others

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