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sonia, sudeep in chandu movie

For all the requirements of a masala film contact the theatres where ‘CHANDU’ is screening. A few lovely scores, action extravaganza and well-weighed acting by key artistes is the highlight of ‘Chandu’. At least for one colony there should be a person like ‘Chandu’. It is not pay your electricity or water bill. It is because he brings in the element of ‘Dhairya’ in the colony. He does with perfection and calling ‘Chandu’ cheers up your life.

‘Chandu’ is the ‘Chand’ when it comes to help and rejoicing moment. When it is settling scores for others good he blows like fire and burns like ‘Sun’. No one can dare to touch him. With fire all around tucked to his body he can fight with exemplary courage. He is a man of nerves and a heart of ‘butter’. That’s why we recommend you to watch this film.

You bring a problem to ‘Chandu’ he strives hard in giving a solution. He cares his foot for his life. Vaadha is Vaadha. The heroine discards such a nice gentleman. It is because he looks at her ‘Sonta’ – the nice curve in the middle of human body. She walks out from ‘Chandu’ company but it is unsustainable for ‘Chandu’. Beware of ‘Sontas’! He has lost his sweet heart for her. When the parents of Sonia decide to arrange marriage a new bridegroom is fixed for Sonia. Till the last minute the ‘Pariksha’ of Sonia goes on and when it comes to tying the nuptial knot there is suspense. Better watch it in the cinema halls.

Why ‘Chandu’ becomes very near to us is because there is proper attention to the screenplay and the scene improvement is considerably good. The casual and concerned approach applied by Sudeep the sensation of Kannada cinema today is notable. In action scenes the reaction of Sudeep is admirable. Sonia is not up to the mark. Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Srinath and others have given good support.  

Gurukiran has dished out three lovely tunes. Director Arun Prasad very well placed the songs and fights in the film. Cinematographer Sundarnath Suvarna has worked hard and proved that he can join the big league of cinematographers.

Sudeep is in full flow. Worthy entertainment for your money!

Banner : Tanu Chitra

Producer : Sa.Ra. Govind

Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction : Arun Prasad

Cinematography  : Sundernath Suverna

Music  : Gurukiran

Cast : Sudeep, Sonia, Avinash, Ramesh Bhat, Lohitashiva, Sadhukokila, Damodhar, Umashri, Siri, Chitra Shenoy, Sana, Baby Moulya, Master Kishan, Srinath, Meenakshi, Ranjeeth and others

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