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rishika, saikumar in bangalore bundh movie

Here is a quick exercise by debutant director to keep the police pride intact. Heads rolling, dialogues at the top of the voice oozing out, brisk pace of narration – the hall mark of all Saikumar films continues here also. A dosage of sentiments and Saikumar collecting drops of water in his eyes is inflicted.

Honest cop mouthing dialogues at the top of voice is submerged in the strong Khadi. The ruling and opponent fighting to stabilize and occupy the seat of power on two sides is what director Tesi Venkatesh tears out and brings in new wave to tackle this situation.

You have the Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha episode in the melee and scores of incidents leading to the flaws of politicians in the law maintenance. 

So what is left for the director is to buck up the cops with spine chilling statements and come before the CM. The ACP does this and asks the CM to remove his Khadi. The perplexed CM played by Ananthnag takes out his Khadi Kurtha and then starts the rain of dialogues from Saikumar that even wets the CM’s eyes. An order of super power to the police is passed and in a short span the society is cleaned up from ruffians, goons, goondas, vested interested trouble creating politicians and others.

This is not the kind of role versatile actor Ananthnag should accept. He looks agile in this fragile film. Saikumar looks and talks are similar in his 55th film.

A film for those who like action and powerful dialogues

Producer – Venkatesh

Director – Tesi Venkatesh

Cameraman – C.D.Raju

Cast – Saikumar, Ananthnag, Doddanna, Rashika, Avinash, Chitra Shenoy and others

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