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Praja Rajya Movie Review, Chitraloka Rating 3/5
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Every citizen in this country has the right to live. But the citizens don’t understand what their basic rights are? This week’s release ‘Praja Rajya’ is one rare attempt to make the citizens understand not only about their rights, but about how precious their votes are.

‘Praja Rajya’ is not one story, but a collage of various problems the country is facing in the current times. The film starts with five individuals (who are facing different problems) staging a silent protest to seek justice. They are arrested and sent to jail.

Later, the stories of each individual are shown in flashbacks. One is an honest businessman who closes his firm because he faces various problems while running the business. A farmer, an unemployed youth, a middle class employee forms the rest of the group. They seek the help of an activist (Devaraj). He unites likeminded people to not only fight against the various atrocities, but also make the people understand about the basic constitutional rights.

‘Praja Rajya’ is indeed a good attempt, which makes the audience understand about how valuable their votes are? The makers have brought in so many social issues in one film and have tried to give solutions to the problems faced by the general public.

Producer Dr Varadaraju has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film. He also has played a prominent role in the film. In his fist attempt itself, Varadaraju has made a film, which one remembers for a long time. Devaraj, Achyuth Kumar, Sudharani, T S Nagarbharana and others have done their job with ease.

Vijeth Manjaiah’s music and Rakesh’s camera work are the other highlights of the film.