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rakshit shetty, swetha srivatsava

Simple Aag Ond Love Story, SAOLS for short, has for the last few months created a sensation on social networking sites like Facebook and on Youtube. Its wacky promos with simple but catchy dialogues had captured the imagination of the younger generation. Perhaps no other Kannada film got so much attention online like SAOLS. Now the film is up for the box office test.

With a gang of young technicians and relatively new actors, director Suni has managed to create a castle built on dialogues. The dialogues were the calling card in the promos and even in the film it is all pervasive. Apart from a few other characters present in a few scenes, the entire narrative is focused on the lead actors; Rakshit Shetty and Swetha Srivatsava. In fact the film is one long dialogue-baazi between the two. And there is no end to the entertaining dialogues. It is Suni's trump card as well as undoing. Though the audience enjoy and cheer the sometime double meaning dialogues, in the end it is too much of dialogue. However the film is enjoyable only because of the dialogues. The twists in the story give the necessary kick.

The story has a slight resemblance to the English film 50 First Nights. But it is not the genre where a single day is repeated like in 50 First Nights or Groundhog Day. The story is about an ad film maker who goes to meet a girl expecting that it would result in marriage with her. He is sent by his sister who is in love with the brother of the other girl. The interaction between the leading couple and how they recount their first love and its failure and how they eventually fall in love with each other form the crux of the story. The entire story happens in two days and most of the film features only these two.

The songs are a plus point and they are engaging for the good lyrics and the tunes set by B J Bharath. The camerawork by Manohar Joshi is also appreciable. The narration is lively and would be lapped up by the young crowd. Simple Aagond Love Story is an entertaining film and is worth a visit to the theatre.