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R.Chandru's  had gone on extensive publciity drive before the release of his latest film "Charminar' including doing some Road shows.  The film also created some hype because of the melodious songs and picturisation.   The film certainly stands to the hype he had created for the film and gives the audience much more in the form of personality development.

In "Chaminar', Chandru  shows that he has the brilliance to make good movies.  His grip over the narrating the rural life, the emotional bond in the family, heart touchng dialogues,  coupled with picturising some beautiful songs has always found appreciation earlier.  Charminar also follows  the same pattern, but it will sure make your eyes moist when you come out of the theatre.

One beauty of the film is that it has its flaws, but the positive elements in the film are so overwhelming that you tend to forget the dragging moments of  the film.  You feel certain lengthy sequences could have been chopped off like the High school scene where the old students mingle. The sequence of Prem and Rangayana Raghu could have been trimmed.   But still Charminar attracts you mainly because of the emotional chord it strikes in you.  You have not seen such a Kannada film in recent days where the action oriented and comedy oriented romantic films have become the order of the day.  Chandru breaks this barricade of trend and makes  a film like his own "Taj Mahal'.  The slow movement of the film does not bother the audience as dialogues or performances are overbearing.

Chandru's dialouges needs special appreciation.  The dialogue between Prem and Suresh Mangalore after he gets his job makes a strong impact.  Likewise the sequence between film assistant director and Prem also stand out.  Besides Chandru's own contribution in dialogues and script, it is Chandrashekhar's camera work, Hari's music and Guru Kiran's background which strikes well.

Prem has really done a great job in the role of ABCD Mohan who raises in life from being the dullest student to become C.E.O. of an American Company.  His hard work in essaying the role is clearly visible on screen.  Meghana Gaonkar surprises with her emotions and eyes.  She looks extremely homely and also has a brighter face in songs. All the artists have performed well including Suresh Mangalore, Rangayana Raghu and others.

 "Charminar' has a universal subject but Chandru takes it nearer to your heart by a strong package of nativity, emotions, and fantastic songs.  Encourage such honest efforts.

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