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This Lake (Sarovara) is too slippery. The director dives into this lake and gets up with a 10 minutes attractive narration. In the remaining two hours where is this director in the lake you fails to understand. Such a boring and ponderous pace the director applies is impossible to sit together.
The estranged couples are working in the same office. The dignified and decent Santosh (Ramkumar) is eager to patch up but Rachana (Archana) is not interested for a simple reason. In comes Hemanth (Sumanth) a college met of Santosh seeking an employment. Hemanth in the due course picks up good relation with Rachana and that starts building up the tension in the minds of Santosh. Hemanth agrees to marry Rachana even after knowing that she is a divorcee but when it comes to the issue of property sharing between Rachana and her sister just before the marriage Hemanth disagree with Rachana


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