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Director Vijayalakshmi Singh, one of the few talented women directors in sandalwood, is back with a beautiful tale webbed around three girls of present younger generation, and how they face the hard realities of life. While there are many such movies made in the past with men in focus but this one stands out for depicting it from the perspective of aspiring and strong willed ladies.

The three girls, an aspiring DJ, another who hails from a small town, and a happy go lucky girl decide to break free from emotional attachments that put them in a bad situation. They later find solace in each other when they accidentally meet and head to Goa, to start afresh their lives with a new approach to it. 

As the journey takes off, the makers have made sure that trip to introspect involving the pretty girls - Vaibhavi, Vainidhi and Vaisiri who make their debut, continuing the legacy of their family of popular filmmakers and actors, looks stylish and in consonance with the present trends.

Insofar as the acting debut of three girls are concerned, they have put up a great show in true spirits reflecting the mindsets of today's generation and how they face different challenges of life in various circumstances. 

On the length of the film, director Vijayalakshmi Singh has answered it with sensible second half which required detailed narration for a logical end keeping in mind the soul of the subject. That apart, it is the supporting characters, especially that of Anantnag and Suhasini who make it a pleasant watch on the screen.

Yaana is full of youth which reflects both shades of young minds in a journey filled with fun, love and emotions. Not just the younger audience but it is a beautiful tale for the family audience too to enjoy and experience a good film with girls leading the show.