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ganesh, koushiki, ramkumar in Avaran Bit Ivaran Bit Avaryaar movie

This is a very heavy ‘WHODUNIT’. One after the other thrills holds the audience in the edge of the seat and at some time it leaves an impression that too much is too bad. However, the lengthy screenplay has come as a wonderful package for the director M.Rajendra Kumar Arya. The only bottleneck of this film is its length. There has been splendid technique and photography besides foot tapping songs. For the suspense and thrill loving audience this has been a feast. 

It is a cinema in cinema shooting. The spoilt brat Kavitha supposed to end her life hitting from a pistol dies because of the original bullet in it. The funny police officer enters. There is a real lover pair Santosh and Kavitha (?) (Ganesh and Kaushiki) and a street rowdy Narasimha (Ramkumar) plus the unit of the shooting witness to this murder. You aim around half a dozen persons in suspicion and suddenly in the brothel house you find a look alike Kavitha (?). 

To find the real murderer Kavitha surfaces again and lot more confusion surround in the atmosphere. Now you find a replica of Kavitha’s father. The street rowdy is also suspected for the murder and in his effort to save Santosh he gets himself in whole lot of problem. At this time you find Kavitha is not dead and it is someone else. Baap Re. How is this possible? Wait. You have Narasimha taking the onus in describing the real murderer. You feel relieved when the director of the cinema explains in his flash back. No it is not yet over. 

The director directs his hands to the look like Kavitha’s father as the key suspect. It is not yet enough for the director. He focuses on Santosh handing over Kavitha to the safe custody of her real father. Then suddenly you find Santosh in the wrong company in the brothel house. He is found with booty and then it is a fight for the climax. What next how much is left out you could find in the city theatres where ‘ABIBA’. 

What is the root to keep the audience tight in the seat ask screenplay writer K.V.Raju and director Rajendrakumar Arya. This could have been made slick. The abundance is even after the producer cutting a few reels what we understand.  

Ramkumar in a different get up and charging with harsh dialogues has been quite convincing. Kaushiki has got a long way to go. Ganesh has the disadvantage of his muscular growth. He struggles to enact. Avinash is apt in a duel role. Shobaraj has a foolish role. Anand in the role of a director has rendered good support.

‘ABEBA’ is ‘ABBABBA’ annuvahagidhe. 

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