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Eminent director K.V.Raju is loaded with information. His tap of intelligence has burst out in ‘Rashtrageethe’. He has the strength of making three films in one film. He gives room for new thoughts to surface, delivers wonderful and fitting dialogues, offers excellent skills in takings.

He has put in a bombastic effort and holds up a mirror to all of us in this society. It needed the scissors for its length and the softness adaptation in narration is what the present generation likes to see on the screen. 

It requires a lot of time to narrate the synopsis of this film. Such is the length, the plots and sub plots used by the director. 

Dhalapathi (Saikumar) is born to a freedom fighter family. His father was murdered during the pre-independence period and his mother Bharathi Devi (Manjula Sharma) is a gutsy woman. She brings up Dhalapathi in a dashing and dynamic style.

For Dhalapathi in front of law everyone is a pittance. He has a gang of friends all of them police officers and a trusted brother Bharath (Vinodraj). The Chief Minister and Ayya the underworld don are unable to digest the law enforcement. They divide the gang with two vamps – Bhavana and Swarna.

Dhalapathi is left with his mother and rest joins the opposite gang of CM and underworld kingpin. In an encounter Dhalapathi is brutally hit and put in a railway coach. The unconscious Dhalapathi is found by the Railway Police in Delhi. He gets the required treatment and meets the Home Minister of the Nation. He ask the HM to leave the law to work without intervention and ask him to give the powers adequately to bring in order in the State. 

It is a surprise for everyone when Dhalapathi returns back with more powers and in a new avatar. He transform the corrupt officers through his punching speeches and he has his brother coming in the way. Bharath is a puppet at the hands of CM and Goons. He pierces a bullet at his mother for a prize and common surmount. Dhalapathi enlighten Bharath about the past of his life and it is as usual in run of the mill films he changes the company. 

In a final bout between CM, Ayya on the one side and Dhalapathi and his law on the other side the nerve raking stunts and actions cool down the atmosphere and the mother of Dhalapathi hoist the National flag after bloodshed and gore. 

Saikumar continues his monotonous style of dialogue delivery. It seems the highly talented director K.V.Raju could not control his monotonous style. Saikumar has not improved in acting department also. Vinodraj deserved to be better.

Srinivasaprabhu a veteran stage actor in Karnataka in the role of Ayya fits the bill. The two lass Swarna and Bhavana have got the chances to express and expose. Both seems to be not serious in acting. The cinematography by Manohar is wonderful. Has done a lot of acrobatics in capturing the expectations of the director. Sadhu’s music is inadequate. 

Ondu Rashtrageethe Haduvudhakke Ishtondu Kashtava Yee Samajadalli? 


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