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When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults and they enter society, one of the politer names of hell. That why we dread children even if we love them. They show us the state of decay – This is what an elderly citizen thinks in the society.

Here in ‘Mussanje’ director P.Ramdas Naidu holds a mirror to the present condition of those who are in the evening of their life besides hitting on the stark realities of life. He emphasize on the taking of life as it comes and the truth he focus is one has to live with old age and circumvent himself is highly laudable.

When life is young you are glowing and growing. When you’re ripe you rot. At this juncture how the life has to be taken is explained with the example of four families by Naidugaru. 

There is a straightforward aged Seshanna (Dattatreya) who is a retired teacher believes in bank balance to come to his rescue in the ripe age. He has a humble and understanding wife and son but not the same with daughter in law. The very interesting and jolly life leading is Shivaramu (Master Hirannaiah). He has lot of loopholes in his own life yet he circumvents other problems with a smiling face. He takes the life as it comes.

On the still brighter side is a government employee Srinivasaiah who fails to convince his son from brain drain. Life is not miserable for him but his ideologies have stabbed him in his life. An aged widow (Renukamma Murugod) living in the final stages of her life has a conviction to teach her sons and daughters who have pushed her out of the house. There is an old age home added to it besides a young boy looking for construction of his life. 

Why this film becomes interesting is because Naidugaru narrates it expressing the truths of the past to the present generation. With no commercial values in his contents the director has not made it boring. The beginning to end he picks up hard facts that are very generation has to digest. 

For the colourful personality Seshanna the dreams shatter and he understand that bank balance is not a guarantee for one’s life. He goes very near to achieving of his dreams but the destiny snatches his life and he is left alone with his bank balance. Finally it becomes inevitable for him to live without the help of son and daughter in law.

The stark reality opposite to Seshanna character is that of a widower Shivaramu. In this Naidugaru chuckles and chews shows how horrible it is. A friend of all Shivaramu is not fed with love and affection by his own son and life is yet not dejection for him. He meets a fatal end and it is unbelievable for Seshanna as he also fails to have his last darshan. 

The life of Srinivasaiah is a commotion as his first son had died in an accident and the other son changes his life style in far off country without caring his parents. There are two more characters that are shown very close to our hearts. The sons and daughter-in-laws have pooh-poohed Doddamma (Renukamma Murugodu) and with her is her grandson an aspirant of owning a house. 

The theory of acceptance of life as it comes has flown like real life characters. Master Hirannaiah who needs no introduction has given a lively performance. Dattanna also an aged person in his life a bachelor in his real life has lived perfectly to the role. Srinivasaprabhu as a helpless son gives a good account of himself but the role of Pavitra Lokesh could have been softened.

With such a moronic subject on hand cameraman Ashok Naidu a veteran with 25 years of stint in cinematography has played with dawn and dusk superbly. His shots in the interiors and outdoors are one of the redeeming aspects of this film.

What is life all about from ‘Munjaane’ to ‘Mussanje’ have a look at this film. 

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