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cp yogeshwar, prema in Uttara Druvadim Dakshina Druvaku movie

A lavishly produced film with nearly two crore budget fails to impress. It is good in bits and pieces. C.P.Yogeshwar a power personality in the field of real estate business, politics is tied down with amateurish team as there is major death for fine control. A senior dexterous director could have made a wonder. The lack of proper thinking has finally resulted in dashing against the wild storm.

An Engineering graduate Yogesh (C.P.Yogeshwar) takes love to cultivation in his agricultural land. He gets a good offer to work in city and goes there as the elders pester him. But he is enlightened by a friend  in  city that there are latest strategies in agriculture. He comes back with hope to cultivate in his land and this is much against to the wishes of elders. He tills the dry land works hard and grows good perishable crops. To his shock and dismay all the crops yield him very less return in the market. A few of the agriculturists end their life (real life incidents) for loss of crops. In shame Yogesh leave house and lands up in Rajasthan as a taxi driver to an affluent family. In Rajasthan  Mayuri  (Divya Pallat) falls in love with him for his looks, daring attitude. Yogesh knows his standards and keeps away from Mayuri but true love. What ensues is the major clash between  rich and poor. The elders of Mayuri are in no mood to accept an ordinary taxi driver of their house as son in law.  In the meantime Mayuri is conceived. Yogesh come back to his village and get a warm welcome as he returned after a long gap of time. In the village the elders wants Yogesh to marry Nandini (Prema) but he puts down the offer. He clearly explain that he is in love with Mayuri .  Now it is a case of impossible juncture like in innumerable films in Indian cinema. Back from Rajasthan Mayuri is forced to undergo abortion. Yogesh goes in search of the remainings of abortion in a dust- bin and pick up the right plastic cover containing only blood and cries (so stupid sequence). What follows later is so cliched style of end. Nandini in the process dies and Yogesh and Mayuri reunite.

As an actor Yogeshwar  looks handsome and that's all. His Kannada diction is hopeless. He is not at ease in acting. He is neither a hero nor a supporting actor in the film. Divya Pallat is not a heroine material. There were many in South Indian films heroines who are much good looking. Prema has not only sacrificed in her role and also her talent as the director is a confused man. There is nothing much to write about the supporting actors.

The dialogues are also of poor standards. The cinematography by Ramesh Babu is good in some places. Music score by Vijayanand is not very bad.

Spending two crores of rupees on this film is a futile exercise. The Rajasthan and Kashmir surroundings have also not been properly utilized. Just for the heck of showing concern on the recent agricultural mishaps, the producer has taken a few incidents and not dealt with it properly. Not given a solution when he has taken up problems of agriculturists. Instead of this the hero runs away from them and lands up in shame at Rajasthan.

Movie Team

Banner : Rajayogi Films Limited

Screenplay, Direction :  Raj Kishore

Story :  C.P.Yogeshwar, MLA.

Music : Vijayanand

Cinematography : Ramesh babu

Editing : P.R.Sounderrajan

Cast : C.P.Yogeshwar, Prema, Divya Pallat, Srilalitha, Sadashiva Salian, Doddanna, Jayanthi, Shobaraj, Harish Rai and others.

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