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The debutante director in Kannada Karthik Raghunath, with already two decades his association in tinsel town in Tamil Nadu fails to evoke the needed response. He has been fast in his narration but all that is not enough. His brilliance needed some more thought so that it could have been a slick film.

Even putting old wine in new bottle is a creative job today. With bizarre of love, triangle and quadrangle love stories the novel thoughts plus the sentiments could be possible.  

Two marriages for the heroine take place in the pre-interval. Yes director you have understood time is precious. Such a fastness why did it miss in folding up the film?  A love marriage and a widow marriage for ‘Mahalakshmi’ in quick period of time belies the audience hopes but the beginning of post interval give a surprise with the arrival of Shyam as Karna. Now the protagonist already married to a doctor has a disgusting time.  Malalakshmi’s first husband (?) – Shyam - now suffering with amnesia is the uninvited guest in the house. The second hubby of Mahalakshmi brings him to the house sending shock waves to Mahalakshmi but it is quite interesting at this stage. The doctor husband Ramanna of Mahalakshmi further interested in bringing back the old memories of Shyam alias Karna. There is a bit of edge of the seat as Mahalaxmi and Ramanna are dam sure that Karna is not Shyam. This optimism the director plays efficiently in a few reels but suddenly must have got bored.  

As the plot thickens and tickles at the Operation Theatre the director could have left with a clue for the audience and proceeded with what he thought later. 

Thyagaraja of Kannada cinema Ramesh Aravind is back to his previous image. Ramesh’s screen presence and effortless acting is wonderful. But it is time for him to keep aside these types of roles in his career. He has done enough of it. For Shruthi a tearjerker heroine of over 100 films in Kannada this is not a challenging one. Yet she looks pretty and proves that such roles are a cakewalk for her. Kumar Govind looks apt for the doctor role but he has not involved into the role. He has struggled but not tapped his ability. 

Goverdhan has given two catchy tunes and the cinematography deserved to be better. The quick passing of shots a trick adopted by director Karthik Raghunath is rarely found 

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