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In his first directorial venture B.C.Patil has shown the grit and determination in his work. He is as if directing his 10th film. He has controlled his emotions. Served what the audience need and exhibited daring skill in acting too. ‘Lankesha’ could have been with blood and gore in the film but Patil preferred it to be a family viewing. He knows his limits. With a strong background as producer and actor Patil has shown great degree of temper and leaves a lasting impression. 

Like in the battle of the Ramayana how the battle of ‘Premayana’ (love affair) takes a center stage and leads to war of good over evil, a similar in this Lankesha (B.C.Patil in title role) happens on his way to construct a model society.

Lankesha cannot witness or hear the injustice happening to anyone living around him. He has his own laws that give quick justice and bail out poor with good returns. On his dashing way Lankesha also leaves an impression strongly in the minds of people that one should take up law into their hands. Of course not crossing the limits.

The reason behind such attribution of Lankesha is that he had seen utter poverty in his life and the atrocities created by affluent persons on him and his surrounding people very closely in his life.  He is respected and feared in the society. He is gem in his heart. He has no ‘RAMA’ opposite to him. He once saves a young lady from disgrace who was a pregnant and gives her shelter in his house. The rest of the world believes that he is married to her but that is not the truth.

With such magnanimity also Lankesha has a tough nature. He wants what he likes. His liking to Janaki (Sheetal Bedi) leads to turn of events in his life. As Janaki a college going student knows the bashing up abilities of Lankesha she and her family are in to total fear. Lankesha ask for ‘Prema Bikshe’ and when Janaki disagree and a hurricane marriage is fixed for her Lankesha picks her up from the Kalyan Mantap and keeps her in his den.

Lankesha’s chief enemy is Rami Reddy. His only intention is to clear off Lankesha at any cost and make Janaki as his daughter in law. The revenge saga blows up between Lankesha and Rami Reddy. It shakes the atmosphere in the life of Lankesha and he picks up the harmonious way to win his ladylove.  On the other hand Janaki in the custody of Lankesha discover the past of him and changes her attitude towards him.  Janaki knows the true colours of Rami Reddy and she decides to live with Lankesha.

B.C.Patil besides giving a punching performance aptly suits the role. His audience can feel happy and rush to the theatres as there is a feast for them. Not only in acting department, B.C.Patil  has taken care in editing, length of the film, narration style and has been careful in his first attempt.

The required anger for the role has come out from him effectively. He could have given a new thought to the usual type of dishum dishum. Bhavana has very little to do. Sheetal the new find from Mumbai  is too fleshy and has worked hard in her first Kannada film.

The editing by Shashikumar, cinematography by Ashok Kashyap are the redeeming features. But it is Hamsalekha comes out with flying colours. He gives three lovely tunes. The title song, Ranne Oh Ranne and Mere Samane wale… are foot tapping.

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