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saakshi shivanand, shivarajkumar in Ghalate Aaliyandru movie

It is like moving the mountain to a man. The noted producer H.D.Kumaraswamy has once again expressed his strong niche for good quality of Kannada films. The high production value the film consists is a feast to the eyes of the audience. For all fun loving and spectacular scenes admirers here is a way made by the producer. The audience can feel as if they are in the spectacular place Mauritius. The involvement becomes very touching as the characters move on the screen are so aptly selected. 

It is a neatly prepared remake of top grosser Tamil film ‘Ullitha Allitha’ (Starring Karthik, Rambha and Goundamani). 

An affluent happy go lucky Manu (Shivrajkumar) escape from his strict father’s barricade to Mauritius. He finds a street smart friend who’s main job is to pick pocket. Manu falls flat to lengthy looking lass Indu (Saakshi Shivanand) and that takes him to the opulent family. In that aristocratic family Manu works as a car driver by uttering a lie. Manu comes in disguise as Madakari Muddappa in the capacity of a car driver.

But soon his friend Narayan reaches that palacious bungalow as would be son-in-law of the house. In fact this is the place where Manu is supposed to come and land but in his place his friend Narayan takes lead as he happens to hold the clue – a trio zero shaped ring. When Indu’s father the affluent family head is on his way to home one day he finds Narayan holding the trio zero shaped ring in front of the Marwari shop.

Both original and duplicate would be son-in-law reside under one house resulting in laugh riot. The situation blows up when Manu’s father comes to Mauritius. On the other hand there is a replica of the head of the rich family. He is a goonda out from prison after serving a long period. He wants to avenge the thirst.

There is one grim looking secretary who has made chalked out a master plan to get hold of the property in his name. The confusion confound in a factory where all chief characters assemble. Tension, titillation, tussle transpire finally leading to a good transformation.

Superstar Shivrajkumar has given right quota of his ability to this film. He not only acts in an electrifying style but also dances with ease. S.Narayan mustering courage to play as a friend opposite a superstar shows the exact temperament of a comedian. His sense of humour is quick and passes tickles.

Doddanna very right to his name results in noise pollution. Shobaraj gives good support. For Mukyamantri Chandru, Mandip Rai and Karibasavaiah it is a routine affair. Even after 100 films actress Thara appearing in paltry and pointless role is disgusting. 

Saakshi Shivanand’s first venture in Kannada is not a right selection. She is too fleshy and taller than Shivrajkumar. She has spent more time in exposing her lengthy curves of her body with pin up dresses. She has a long way to go in acting.

Bollywood sensation Deepti Bhatnagar is just in a song number repeats what her cotemporary Urmila Matondkar does in Hindi cinema. She is a waste and does not boost up the image of the film. This is the area like many others the director S.Narayan could have applied scissors before going to the spot.

Deva the original tuner for Tamil version has not been allowed to copy here. Yet this Amrushavarshini fame music director picked up three good tunes. The song Sagariye Sagariye… is very melodious. 

It’s a good re-production in a lavish style. It could be easily watched with family.

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