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Anand Appugol's Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna directed by Naganna starring Challenging Star Darshan is a fantastic, extravagant presentation with mindblowing technical work and awesome performances from many artists.  It is certainly the best work of Darshan, director Naganna and writer Keshav Adithya so far.

KVSR may well go down in history as one of the best historical films made in Kannada which can stand up in comparison with well made historical  films like Kiththoor Chennamma. Director Naganna has ensured that the film has enough commercial elements to engage the mass audience and has some heart touching sentimental sequences which can strike an emotional chord with family audience.  The huge production values apart, excellent performances by artists starting from Darshan to even artists who play smaller roles have put in their best efforts.

KVSR is a film that makes you proud of being a Kannadiga and an Indian. In that way the making of the film and its grandeur reminds you of classic films like  Moghul E Azam, Mangal Pandey, Alluri Seetharama Raju, Veera Pandya Kattabomman  and Jodha Akbar.  KVSR does not have a dull moment and every technical work in the film places it on the top of the list.  The camera work, backgound music, song picturisations, editing, art work, costumes and make up work all add up to provide a realistic touch to the film.  And the two  gems of the film are the two war sequences which are not only breath taking but also wonderfully  choreographed.

Darshan perfectly suits the role with his body language and dialogue in North Karnataka accent coming out very well.  He shows tremondous commitment in carrying off the role of a patriot.  The film will certainly go down as the best in his career. It will certainly be a treat to watch him mouthing patirotic dialogues and indulging in guerilla warfare against the oppressive british rule.  Jayaprada puts in best efforts to carry off her role of Kiththoor Chennamma. Though Nikitha has a brief role, she is impressive. The performances from Veterans like Sreenivasa Murthy, Doddanna, Shobharaj, Ramesh Bhat, Shashi Kumar and Sourav are really very good.

Technically the film is superb.  Ramesh Babu's camera work and background score stand out in this film.  The eidting, art work and costume designing departments have reached top line levels.  Kranti Veera Sangolli Raayanna is  must see film. It makes you feel proud of being a Kannadiga.

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