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seetharama kalyana movie review
Seetharama Kalyana

Seetharama Kalyana is a majestically mounted film that scores good ranking in all categories. The story, acting, music, sentiments, fights, romance, drama, twists and comedy, the most important things in a commercial film are all perfectly placed in the film. Director Harsha has managed to give us an almost perfect commercial entertainer. There are very few scenes in the film where you feel something extra was needed. Otherwise there is no dull moment. There are so many top actors in the film that it is surprising how such a complicated story line has been turned into a simple narrative. 

The film starts with a wedding. Chikkanna is getting married but the hero and heroine are supposed to meet here for the first time. The entire wedding episode is managed on a huge scale and it is a feast for the eyes. The narrative then shifts to Bengaluru where again some magnificent sets are created for the story. From scene to scene, the impression on the two lead actors grows. Both of them have give a stellar performance. For Nikhil it is one of the best growths. In just two films, he manages to perform like an experienced veteran. 

The story takes many twists and turns. What starts as a love story turns into a family drama and a father-son sentiment story. All of it is beautifully woven into a simple yet enriching narrative. Songs appear at appropriate intervals and are melodious. The film has an overdose of action. It was necessary to showcase the fights of Nikhil. If they had been reduced the film may have got a U certificate instead of U/A certificate. But that is not a problem as the fights are superbly choreographed and are very entertaining. 

The music, editing, choreography and cinematography are perfectly tuned to the story narrative. Since there are rich sets and locales the cinematography strives to capture them in minute detail. The editing is fast and sometimes should have shown the sets for longer. The music is apt. Apart from entertainment the film also carries good message about the requirements of farmers and how it can be solved. Even in the film's story there is an answer to the problems of farmers. 

The actors have performed well. Ravi Shankar, Madhoo, Chikkanna and others steal the show with their perfect timing. There is a separate comedy track involving Chikkanna that is the icing on the cake of this entertaining fare. Seetharama Kalyana is one good film for the entire family. Don't miss it. 

Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5