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orange movie review

With a name like Orange what do you expect in a film? Lots of fun of course. And that is what director Prashant Raj, Golden Star Ganesh and the rest of the team provides. Orange is a juicy entertainer that was made to provide laughs and it succeeds completely. 

Santhosh is wrongly convicted for a theft and spends time in jail. On his release he finds himself imprisoned in another kind of jail. Due to mistaken identity he has to play the role of a liver to Radha whose father is the village head. Radha is actually in love with another person. The villain also wants to marry Radha. Out of all this conflicting situation arises the comedy film Orange. 

Ganesh and Priya Anand in the lead roles play their roles to perfection. There is also a very good supporting cast that includes Avinash, Sadhu Kokila and Devgill. Orange has a huge cast that is properly utilised by the director. The story takes several twists and turns for entertainment. 

The director blends the romance story with comedy and family drama and creates a unique film that is worth every penny you pay for. Very good locales, beautiful songs add to the film's value. The cinematography is eye pleasing and editing is perfect. Technically it is a sound film that is made for fans of commercial films. 

Orange is one of the better films of the year and Ganesh and Prashant Raj score full marks for it. Go to the theatres to get entertained.