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ambi ninge vaisaitho movie review
Ambi Ninge Vaisatho

Ambareesh returns as a lead actor after a long time and Ambi Ning Vayassaytho is a special film. The Rebel Star mesmerises everyone with his amazing presence and natural acting. He is called Rebel Star for a reason and in this film he shows why. The film carries this image at the same time begin an entertaining family film. It is able to mix this two aspects making ANV a film film everyone can enjoy. 

The film starts with a police scene where an old man is reported missing. It is Ambi. Ambareesh plays Ambi a retired film stunt master who lives with his only son and family. The daughter in law and two little children form the family. Why did Ambi go away from this family is told in a flashback. It is an entertaining way of showing family values and respect for elders. 

On his journey Ambi meets new people but he is bent on searching for his long last first love. He goes in search of her. Will he meet her is the rest of the film. In the meantime another flashback tells their love story that happened decades ago. Sudeep and Sruthi Hariharan play the younger Ambareesh and younger Suhasini in this romantic episode. 

The film is technically very strong and has some amazing performances from Ambareesh, Suhasini, Sudeep, Sruthi and Dileep Raj. They bring alive the film. Ambareesh has an electrifying presence on screen and mesmerises with his performance. 

Director Gurudutta Ganiga has done a good job by keeping the narrative crisp and dialogues sharp. The excellent cinematography is combined with a sharp editing and lively music. There are good melodious songs and the top among them is Hey Jaleela. This is an excellent film for the entire family that you should not miss at any cost.

Chitraloka Rating 4/5