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yogi duniya movie review
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10 years after Duniya introduced Yogesh aka Loose Maada to Sandalwood, the film of the same name brings out the stardom and maturity in the actor. Yogi Duniya is not just any underworld fight fest. It is a film with a heart. It is one of the best roles of his career for Yogesh and one of the better films of the year in Kannada. 

The story is about a young chap with no one to call family. So the better part of his life is spent in an uncomplicated way as he makes Majestic his home and does all kinds of jobs. He is sucked into the betting world to make money. Why does he need money? He falls in love with a girl and finds out that she is forced into prostitution. To protect her he needs money. Easy money comes only when you are ready to do the wrong things. Yogi jumps into this world of betting headlong. How does he manage to help the girl forms the rest of the story. 

The film opens up the dark underbelly of Bengaluru especially the Majestic area which is the heart of the city. Some of the realities of the society is shown without any hesitation. It is commendable that Yogi a mainstream actor and Hita Chandrashekar agreed to do such roles. Both of them have given superb performances. Yogi's role changes from a dandy nobody to a responsible person. He has managed to give the performance of a lifetime. Another actor who gets noticed in the film for his performance is Vasishta N Simha. 

The film has a pleasing look even if the theme is sometimes dark. Bharath BJ comes up with some good music. Hari has combined the story and the characters well to come up with a film that makes you think as well as providing you with entertainment.

Chitraloka Review - 3/5 

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