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Rajaratha is the journey of love. It is also the journey of life. And it is the journey of humanity. Anup Bhandari who made Rangitaranga has come up with a very different kind of film that is both entertaining and gives a profound message for life. In the simplest terms it is a love story of two engineering students. On another level it shows how the journey of life can be seen in a smaller journey in a bus. On the profound level it shows the journey of humankind and how it is dependent on some unknown forces working behind the scenes. The lives of different kinds of people in a bus somehow depends on the action of some other person doing something else somewhere. The director blends all these three stories into one and gives an interesting film. 


While the entire film has an entertaining note to it the climax takes it to another level. While it is light humour and romance for most part in the end it has a profound message for the society. It opens the eyes of audience to the message delivered by the director. He keeps it a suspense that he is going to give a serious message in the end. But when it comes you are happy for it. What was just another entertainment film till then becomes an important film. 


Nirup and Avantika Shetty who were seen in Anup's first film Rangitaranga comeback in this journey. In a way it is a road film where all the characters (for the most part) are travelling in a bus. There are flashbacks to show that all of them are somehow connected to each other. Call it destiny or fate, their lives are also intertwined in the end. How people from diverse walks of life can be united in fate is shown in the film. 


The film also has a cute romance story. The final year engineering student it comes to light has been in love for four years. But the girl of his dreams is in love with another student. How is this conflict of love resolved? You have to watch the film to see all the suspense in love and also in life. There is some excellent cinematography and editing that keeps the film engaging. Beautiful locations are chosen to give life and colour to the film. There is also good background score and some good songs that keeps the narrative entertaining. 


Two actors who have given superb performances are Arya and Ravishankar. Arya has a special role that is surprisingly different. It has many shades. Ravishankar's role is more of the comedy type but it is important for the story. The Rangitaranga team has made as successful second film that is a must watch.


Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5


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