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tagaru movie review
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Suri has hit the bull's eye with Tagaru. It is a special film for many reasons. First Suri creates a special screenplay which plays with the characters and the audience. It is mesmerizing. Second Shivarajkumar has given the performance of a lifetime. There are some scenes that will make a mark as the best in Kannada screen. The characters created in the film like Tagaru Shiva, Dolly, Chitte etc will remain etched in the memory of the audience for a long long time. Tagaru is an exceptional film from Suri. 

Tagaru has an inverse screenplay where the climax starts first. So you know what happens. But with every new character and every new scene, there is a new thrill and twist to the story. How this is made possible is a brilliant screenplay. This is matched by the energy and enthusiasm of Shivanna. He gives a superlative performance. 

Dhananjaya plays the villain Dolly. He has intensity in the beer drinking hotshot gangster role. Manvitha Harish has a bold role while Bhavana plays a dentist. The women in the film are not the regular glamour dolls. They are a perfect match for the story. The speed of the film is something that is awesome. It flies like a fighter jet. If you blink for a second, you will miss something important. It is necessary to keep an eye out for everything. Do not miss the title card also. There is something linking it to the story later. 

The songs are influential in the film. The title track is something for which you wish to stand up and dance in the theatre. Some interesting songs have been made for the film. The cinematography is top class. It is something that keeps the audience hooked to the screen all the time. 

This is a Shivanna festival frenzy film. You notice him encompass the film like the atmosphere. He breathes life into it. Tagaru is entertaining, enticing and enigmatic. Do not miss this film for anything. All the best things come together in the film. It is an artistic expression though there is an excess of violence. The dialogues are punchy but in some places seem over the top aimed at a big actor like Shivanna. If you discount the violence this is a film that can be enjoyed by all. 

Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

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