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Duniya Vijay In Kanaka

R Chandru returns with a film dedicated to Rajkumar and his ideals. Duniya Vijay stars as Kanaka, a fan of the late actor who has imbibed his ideals. How does such a person face problems in real life? That is the crux of the story of Kanaka which blends realism to ideals and gives audience a different kind of experience.

Kanaka is born on an inauspicious day according to an astrologer. His father believes it and does not treat his son properly. Kanaka runs away from home and lands up in Bengaluru. He lives for 15 years here after a film poster guy takes care of him. A medical student falls in love with him. But she has a past that he has to be careful about. A tragic incident prompts Kanaka to go back to his family after 15 years but things have not changed there. It has only worsened. Kanaka decides to do something for his family. But he has to face some powerful enemies and tackle their hate. How does he manage it?

There are actually two stories in Kanaka. One is the 15 years in Bengaluru where Kanaka grows up from being a small scared boy to an adventure seeking young man ready to face the world. The second story is about village politics. How Kanaka manages to overcome the faction ridden quest for power at the grassroot level forms the rivetting second half of the film. 

Chandru has delivered one more winner with Kanaka. Vijay delivers a very good performance ably supported by Ravishankar, Rangayana Raghu, Haripriya, Manvitha Harish and Sadhu Kokila. 

Technically the film is brilliant. Satya Hegde's camerawork captures the lavish sets beautifully. There is some beautiful music with the chartbuster Yenne Namdu Oota Nimdu turning out to be a craze.  Overall Kanaka is an entertaining package that will give you your money's worth. 

Chitraloka Review - 3.5/5

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