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raju kannada medium review
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Raju Kannada Medium is one of the best entertainers you have seen on Kannada screen in the last few years. The film breaks fresh ground in some of the scenes like that of the shark attacks and the aeroplane scenes. It matches what you see in many international films. Such groundbreaking scenes will do a wealth of good for Kannada films. Apart from these spectacular scenes, the film has a good story that combines natural story telling to entertainment. The film also has star power in the form of Sudeep who enlightens the screen from the interval. 

Raju comes from a village and loses his father early. His father gives him a letter and tells him to read it only after reaching 16 years of age. When Raju sees it, he is confused. He seeks to find answers for it. The answer keeps changing with every new experience he has. This is an interesting story telling format. Raju's interest keeps changing as he grows up. He has to finally leave his village. His handicap in Bengaluru is his Kannada medium. How Raju overcomes it? Does he find answer to his father's riddle? Does Raju succeed in his life? All these are answered in the film. 

Sudeep arrives in style. He not only shows his style quotient but his screen presence. The screen lights up with energy in those scenes. He plays India's richest businessman in the film and Raju's mentor. How he helps Raju and what Raju learns from him is best seen on screen. Suffice to say that Sudeep's fans will get a special treat in Raju Kannada Medium. 

Avantika Shetty and Ashika Ranganath get good roles in the film. Raghunandan comes up trumps and gives his best performance. There is also very good supporting cast in the film including Sundar, Suchendra Prasad, Sadhu Kokila etc. Chikkanna comes in a small role but packs it with a powerful dialogue. His one single dialogue about Bengaluru is worth his role in the film. It calls for whistles. Even those appearing in one or two scenes make memorable impressions on the film. The director has handled the film beautifully. There is lavishness in every scene. Some of the scenes makes you sit up and wonder who good they look. As mentioned earlier many of the scenes set new standards in Kannada films. 

There is superb technical backupu to the film. Shekar Chandru has shown his best talent behind the camera. Kiran Ravindranath has scored some of the best tunes in Kannada in the last years. His works in his next films will be eagerly awaited. Overall this is one of the best entertainers you will see in a long time. This film is one of those that will be watched again and again by fans. It is that good.

Raju Kannada Medium will rank among one of the best comedy films of this decade and possibly one of the films with the best special effects in Kannada ever.

Chitraloka Rating - 4/5