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Hari Santhosh (Alemari Santu) is back with a different kind of film. He has given up making films on rowdyism and has picked up a college/family story with College Kumar. It is his attempt to cater to a larger audience. He has succeeded as this film is sure to be to the liking of young college students as well as family audience. For the youngsters especially the film is both entertaining and shows what real life is. 

Though the film has some family drama, it is overall an entertainment film. There are two heroes in the film. One is Vikki Varun of Kendasampige fame and the other is P Ravishankar. Ravishankar plays the father of Vikki in the film but the entire film stands on his shoulders. 

The film starts with the story of two friends. One is rich and the other is poor. The poor child cannot attend college as his parents cannot afford it. The rich kid ends up becoming a charted accountant while the poor one becomes a peon in his office. The peon is humiliated by the rich friend and the former vows to make his own son a big man by giving him good education. But unknown to the poor father his son is growing up without love for education. He is cheating his way through exams. What happens when the father finds out?

This is not the only thing in the film. The film takes a very strange but interesting turn in the interval. The father takes up an exceptional challenge. Ravishankar shines in this unique role. It is a surprising story after this turn. 

The director has managed to tell a neat story which carries loads of entertainment. All the actors have done a wonderful job. Ravishankar especially in his two contrasting styles makes the best of the opportunity. Vikki also gets two shades in his character. He too delivers a good performance. Samyuktha Hegde once again gets a bubbly character and is perfect for the role. Shruti is superb in her role as the mother of Vikki. Achyuth is another good character. Sadhu Kokila's role should have been extended a bit.

The photography is one of the highlights of the film. The scenes are captured brilliantly. There is also some good music that adds value to the film. Overall College Kumar is a complete good package for the entire family. It is one of the better and different films to come out of Sandalwood in 2017.