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Once More Kaurava Review

S Mahendar is back with Once More Kaurava. In 1999, he made the film Kaurava which was a very big hit and is remembered for the acting of BC Patil and music by Hamsalekha. This time he is introducing Naresh Gowda as the hero of the film. It is a S Mahendar kind of film. It has a village backdrop and the rural touch is there in all the characters and the plot as well. He has managed to make Naresh establish himself and given a film that reminds of Kaurava in a positive way. 

The film starts with a communal violence incident. A police officer is sent to tackle the situation. He manages to diffuse the issue by handling it deftly. Soon he realises that the village politics is much more strange and difficult. But he is on the top of the situation. He also falls in love with a local girl. Just when things seem to be settling down his grandfather who is on a pilgrimage comes back. He is shocked that Kiran (Naresh) has come to this village in particular and wants him to go back. 

Why is the grandfather upset with the hero coming to this village? The background story reveals that Kiran is not only connected to the village by way of his work but also has a personal connection. This connection is deadly and not easy on the mind and body of Kiran. How does he manage to settle scores with the rivals who come from a different age and generation forms the rest of the story. You can enjoy watching it on screen. 

The film has good music score by Sridhar Sambhram. Krishna Kumar's cinematography is another area that the film scores big. Mahendar has handled the narration smoothly and there is a good screenplay and dialogues too. All the actors have been given good importance in the story. Even the supporting cast is good that includes senior actors like Shivaram, Bank Janardhan and Umesh. 

Once More Kaurava is a good film for the entire family. It has a surprising ending that is very unexpected. It changes the entire dynamics of the film. It gives you the jitters also. If you want to watch an unexpected film Once More Kaurava is for you.

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