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ranachani movie review
ragini in ranachani

Scores of female oriented action films have been released in the past few decades. Many actresses including Dr Jayamala, Malasri, Prema and others have acted in such action commercial flicks. Now Ragini joins the bandwagon of such not only female oriented action films, but also revenge saga.

'Ranachandi' starts with a daredevil girl called Ragini who is one of the prominent personalities of Bangalore underworld. In a gang war she succumbs to lot of injuries and is declared dead. However, Ragini is not of type to die so easily. She is taken to a village by a stranger, where the village chief mistakes her to his lost daughter. Ragini turns Nandini and stays there to get ready for further action. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Like said earlier, this film is new for Ragini. Earlier the actress was seen an out and out commercial flick called 'Ragini IPS'. However, 'Ranachandi' outdoes the previous films in not only commercial value. The film has some breath holding stunts all along and Ragini has done a great job in action sequences. Not only action sequences, the actress pleases her fans with great dialogue delivery.

Though the film has not a great story to boast of, the film certainly has some nice family values and sentiments. However, the comedy by Amith irks the audience to the core and there was no need for comedy sequences in this film. Apart from such minor complaints, 'Ranachandi' is a good film for action lovers.

Apart from Ragini, Ramesh Bhatt, Padmaja Rao, Sharath Lohitashwa and Shobharaj have also done their job well. Cinematography by Giri is good and a couple of songs including the title song are hummable.


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