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Santeyalli Ninta Kabira will stand among one of the best films in the career of Shivarajkumar. Indra Babu (Narendra Babu of Kabaddi fame) has come up with a once-in-a-lifetime film. Everyone has read about Saint Kabir in school. But this is based on a play by Bishma Sahini. Though the story is 600 years old, the life of Kabir is very much relevant in the current times. When religious bigotary is growing across the world, the message of Kabir holds the solace for man. It is brought out beautifully without hurting anyone in this movie.

The film does not chronicle the entire life of Kabir. It only concentrates on the gist of his message that "love towards other humans equals bhakti (devotion) towards god". How dispite all odds in a religously charged environment, Kabir manages to spread his message and win over the hearts of people, forms the general storyline. The film also manages to bring in Kabir's ideas about family, relationships and his idea of God.

Kabir lives in Kashi (Varanasi) in the 15th Century when the Lodhi king is ruling Delhi. Kabir's songs about the unity of god and love irks both Hindu and Muslim religious leaders. They make various plots to get him killed. But Kabir's faith in humanity triumphs.

Shivanna has given a performance of a lifetime. There are good performances by others including Avinash and Sanusha. The music by Ismail Darbar is out of this world. It comes back to memory again and again. Overall this is a very good film that needs all the backing of the audience.

Chitraloka Rating 4/5

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