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godi banna sadharan maikattu movie image
godi banna sadharan maikattu movie image

Godhi Banna Saadarana Maikattu has turned out to be one of the best films to come out of Sandalwood, not just this year but in many years. It has a simple story but profound meaning in all aspects.

The blending of so many sentiments like a father-son relation, love in the time of crisis, transformation of a villain,a householder's petty but deeply felt life could not have been done better. In a style mixes realistic and commercial director Hemanth Rao has given Kannada a great film indeed.

Rakshit Shetty plays a single man caught up in a rat race and no time for his father. His father who is suffering from Alzheimer's goes missing. But it is not just the search for the father. The son also rediscovers the father's love he has missed for years. He also finds love. A villain finds purpose for life. So many characters rediscover their lives. The audience discovers a beautiful film. We can identify with every character. Even characters that come for a scene also make an impact.

The film is a bit slow in a few places but otherwise makes for an immersive watch. There is brilliant acting by Anant Nag, Achyutha and Vashista. Rakshit Shetty and Sruthi Hariharan fill life to their characters. The songs are only in montages and make an impact. Don't miss this film for anything.

Chitraloka Rating - 4/5