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ganesh, ramya nambeesan

This is one of the Ganesh's best film in the last several years. PC Shekar who directed him in Romeo is back with another comedy film. There is double the fun this time as Ganesh essays a dual-role. It is a wholesale masala film. In one role Ganesh is a drugs thief. In the other role he is an innocent youngster trying by merit to become a policeman. When their paths meet, it is loads of confusion and fun. 

Style King has both style and substance. In two roles, Ganesh has managed to give double the entertainment for audience. He has modulated the voice differently for the bad-boy role. He has also managed to get the body language different. This helps differentiate and appreciate both the roles. 

It is Malayalam actress Ramya's first film in Kannada. This film has the love track inside the main plot. So she has limited scope. But in whatever role she has, she manages to make her mark.

This is a comedy and action film rolled into one. The main actors for comedy are Sundar Raj, Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila. They tickle the funny bone. 

The plot revolves around a stolen cache of drugs. Many villains are behind it. But it has the knack of always falling into wrong hands. The story takes many twists and turns but it is mostly for the sake of joining the incidents into a compromise. It is not a plot driven effort but an attempt to create magic without logic. But it helps to make the film enjoyable. 

Style King also has a good team of technicians. The music, photography, background music, editing and rerecording provide stability.  It is a film to enjoy with friends and family.

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

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