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Viraat is a showcase for Darshan's image and stardom. It is a mass masala film that will make all his fans happy. It has so many things going for it. It is one of the few films where the hero has three heroines! There was Upendra's Upendra and Ramesh Aravind's Venkata In Sankata some years ago. But in this film, it truly a love quadrilateral, not a love triangle.

Darshan has to choose between three girls, all with different characters. There is also a political angle and a super villain in Ravi Shankar's character. Darshan plays a businessman called Viraat Prasad. He is head of Prasad Group of companies. Ravishankar as Singh tries to get better of Viraat in business. He even tries to use the chief minister Suhasini to achieve his goals. Viraat however manages to not only save his business and make it prosper but also save the CM. The main story is of his love story and how he chooses the best wife out if the three heroines. 

Sumalatha plays Darshan's mother and it looks like they are real mother and son as there is genuine sentiment between them. There are so many characters with so much content in the film like good old films. All the three girls have families and all of them have their personal stories. There are lots of sub plots also with many comedy characters. All this makes the film worth watching twice. Once is for Darshan and second time for all the story. Viraat is a sure fire success!

The film has good acting, music, story and narration. Sadhu Kokila, Bullet Prakash and Paapa Pandu Chidanand add so much comedy to the film. Many senior actors like Srinivas Murthy have small roles. But it is used effectively. Even roles that come for a minute in the film have details and stories. That is why Viraat has to be watched more than once.

Chitraloka Review - 3/5

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