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Mast Mohabbat is a love with a difference. It is not the rich-boy-poor-girl or the poor-girl-rich-boy tale. Director Mohan Malagi has picked up an unusual story to tell and he succeeds in inducing a concern that can be found only in true love. It also explores how even a true love affair can lead to things going out of control with friends and others. 

Once again, Nenapirali Prem plays a lover boy. He is a successful businessman who is in need of a break. He plans a visit to Ooty to forget about the business troubles for sometime. On the way, an accident leads him to meet the heroine Poonam Bajwa. They rescue a child in the accident and while at it, fall in love with each other. Prem seems to have found a purpose in his life other than his business and work. Till the interval the story is light and focused only on this aspect. 

The film takes an unusual twist when the background of the heroine is revealed. It is a shocking. No one would want to love or marry such a girl and face the ire of the society. Even Prem's close friend is shocked and tries to talk him out of it. But love knows no boundaries or restraints. Prem is caught between love and what the society would make out of it. 

Poonam's problems continue as her past is not giving up on her. Because of her Prem and Naveen Krishna become enemies. Misunderstanding between true friends gives the film another twist. How the relationships are managed in trying circumstances is narrated by the director in the rest of the film. 

Prem looks ever the cute lover boy. His companion in the film Poonam is also lovely. They make for a nice pair on the screen. Naveen Krishna has a small role but his acting and presence make him stand apart. He gives the punch to the narration.

The highlights of the film include the beautiful cinematography by Vijay Kumar. Mano Murthy creates magic in a couple of songs. The supporting cast of Raju Thalikote, Shakeela and others add some side-tracks. The film is almost two and a half hours long. It would have been neater if some of the scenes were reduced in length. Otherwise the film is a good romance story to watch.

Chitraloka Review - 3.5/5

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