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Suraj, Amulya

Kaviraj has scored a hit with his first film as director. The lyricist has also written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film and it can be safely said that he has safe hands to handle a subtle film. The film is a romance, comedy and family drama altogether. It is what we call the family entertainers which can be watched with the entire family.

The film is about two families which are neighbours. They are so close to each other that they are like one family. As expected the son of one family falls in love with the daughter of another family. There is nothing to worry for the lovers as both the families wanted the same thing to happen. It feels like a perfect love story. But things can go wrong for small and silly reasons. That is what happens and the families find themselves at the throat of each other. But Kaviraj does not let this film wander into regular territory of over dramatic sentiments. He tells everything with a touch of houmour. How the families reconcile is the gist of the story but how that happens is told in excellent scenes that are fresh and comical. 

The highlight of the film are the characters of Anant Nag and Achyuth. They make it look so easy. Both of them are very natural and it seems like the film is happening before our eyes when they are acting. Suraj is okay with his acting and has lots to improve. Amula is growing better with each film and it shows here too. The songs are good but considering it is Kaviraj at the helm there was much more expectations. Overall the film is a good family entertainer and a very rare one which can be watched with all members of the family.

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