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parul yadav, shivarajkumar

Killing Veerappan is a perfect combination of the Ram Gopal Varma style and Shivanna's mass appeal. It is more than a film. It is a cinematic expression of the angst against Veerappan that a Kannada film could have shown. There have been many films about Veerappan including the last one that depicted how he was hunted down. But the combined anger against Veerappan and the thirst for revenge because he kidnapped Dr Rajkumar was never depicted like how Killing Veerappan movie does.

The first half of the film is a bit slow with the depiction of the cruelty of Veerappan. But these incidents are well known to Kannada people. The second half is where the real hunt for Veerappan begins. Some interesting attempts to capture Veerappan is shown. All these were failures. Finally the Shivanna character decides it is better to just kill him. But that has to be done by using the same tactics Veerappan used. How it was planned and executed is shown in a chilling manner.

RGV shows he is a master at holding audience captive. Without songs or comedy or such commercial elements he manages to hold the attention. Some of the scenes cannot even be described like the shootout before interval and the escape scene in ravines. He uses visual wizardry rather than dialogues to push the narrative. It has to be seen to be believed.

And of course it is Shivanna for whom Kannada audience will watch the film. His performance is superlative. He has performed and not acted. His involvement is mind blowing.

Chitraloka Rating - 4/5

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