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rachita ram, sri murali

Sri Murali is back in action and it reminds of Ugramm. The new film is fast and furious combining action with a superb story and fast paced narrative. There is also romance and comedy and it is a perfect package. There is no pause in Rathavara as it goes from one thrilling scene to another. There is a special story to boot. With superb acting from Murali, Rachita Ram, Ravishankar, Chikkanna, Sadhu Kokila, Charan Raj, Lokesh and others the film is a treat to watch for fans.

The film has a story that is special. Ravishankar is a MLA who wants to become the chief minister. His trusted  lieutenant is Rathavara played by Murali. A swamiji tells Ravishankar that he will become chief minister if he sees the face of a dead eunuch's face. Rathavara has so far killed people for his master. He thinks it is an easy job. But when he tries to get a dead body he realises how difficult it is and how strange the customs of that community is. His task turns out to be mission impossible. Does Rathavara really do this task and will he succeed is answered in the film. 

As the story progresses, more of the strange things unravel. The action film also has suspense and it is thrilling. Rachita Ram is a college girl who falls in love with Rathavara without realising who he is. This is a different track that adds romantic angle to the film. Rathavara also has to manage this. Rathavara's friend is Chikkanna who gives the comic kick along with Sadhu Kokila. Meanwhile a special police officer, Charan Raj is appointed to find out all the strange killings for which some other people have been jailed. It leads him to Rathavara. Problems come to Rathavara from all directions and he fights it the only way he knows, with blood and guts. 

Apart from good acting the film also has good cinematography and music. The background score reminds of Ugramm and gives the film a boost. For over two hours you can forget the world and enjoy the action. 

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5