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Kishan returns direction with the sequel to his first film and it is not only impressive but also leaves an impact. The film tackles the subject of juvenile offenders and with a tight screenplay and some good performances, holds the audience captive. Though the film is made with the box office in mind there are not any unnecessary commercial masala. In the end it leaves the audience captive with a lot of memories.

The film is about poor kids, mostly orphans and how their lives are shaped by the society. It is easy for these kids to grow up to be anti social elements. As kids it is not their mistake but the only choice before them. Three such juvenile offenders try to reform. They are accused of killing a police officer. The society, media and everyone is against them. How do they come out of it?

Esha Deol plays an advocate who tries to help them. Her presence is impressive. Karthik Jayaram plays an inspector who seems hell bent on getting them convicted. But in his viewpoint he is correct. He too makes a great impact. It is the presence of many such characters that makes the film lively. Even the story does not take a stand on juvenile offenders. It leaves to the audience to decide if they should be punished like adults. The film story however takes a daring twist in the end leaving the audience with many things to ponder upon.

As director, actor, editor and with the background score, Kishan makes a perfect score. The cinematography is another highpoint of the film. Some of the scenes like the kite flying competition is brilliantly done. 

The film has stuff and even for small roles, top actors are used. And that is when the film about juvenile begins to look so big in scale.

This is a commercial film with a message. Kishan's first may have been a children's film, but this is a mass film.

chitraloka Rating 4/5