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After the success of Bhajarangi, director Harsha and Shivanna have teamed up again and they have given a wonderful treat to the fans in the form of Vajrakaya. Unlike Bhajarangi this film is completely different.

Though there is enough of action and heroism there is a lot more sentiment. Particularly the mother-son sentiment that is the trademark of many Shivarajkumar films has been given a new dimension by Harsha. There are also so many different elements packed into this film that there is plenty for every kind of audience. In the first half Shivanna is a lover boy.

In the second half he is an action hero who uses his humane persona to unite with his estranged family. Lovely songs, awesome action and heartfelt sentiments make Vajrakaya a must watch for Shivarajkumar fans.

The film starts in Bangalore. Shivanna is the apple in the eyes of his family members. But in a dramatic twist he realises that he is from a different family and he his mother is still alive. He goes in search of his mother. His plan to get back his mother is not easy. She is in house arrest in a family that will not think twice before killing anyone. How Shivanna manages the impossible task forms the rest of the story.

There are three heroines in the film and each have their own impact on Shivanna's character. The glamorous Shubra Aiyappa makes him realise his destiny. Karunya Ram gives direction to his life. Nabha Natesh becomes the purpose.

Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5


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