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ajay rao, radhika pandit

This week release 'Endendigu' starring Ajay Rao and Radhika Pandith is a feel good film with lots of nice elements in it. The film is not only for youths, but the entire family can enjoy the film easily.

The film is a love story between Krishna (Ajay Rao) and Jyothi (Radhika Pandith). Krishna is an NRI who is working in a software company in Sweden. He marries Jyothi and moves to Sweden. Everything is fine between them and just when life is heaven for the couple, Jyothi starts getting dreams which turn into reality in just six hours. First Jyothi doesn't believe all this, but once she dreams that Ajay is killed in a road accident. Does this dream also comes to reality is a question that is answered in the theaters.

'Endendigu' is inspired from a Hollywood film, but debutante director Imran Sardariya has seen to it that it is apt for the Kannada nativity. The story is simple and the screenplay and narration is crisp. That what makes the audience glued to their seats. The first half is a little slow and come second half, the audience enjoys the film completely.

It is Ajay and Radhika Pandith's onscreen chemistry that makes the film more livelier. The duo forms a good pair and their chemistry is too good. Both have done their roles well. Harikrishna's music and Venkatesh Anguraj's camera woos the audience. Particularly Venkatesh cinematography is too good and the audience enjoys each and every frame of the film.

Chitraloka Rating 3/5

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