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What happens when a soft natured person takes the help of a flirty friend to woo a girl? There are many possibilities in such a theme. A full fledged comedy is also not impossible. However director Nanjunda takes the film on a realistic journey by showing how things go wrong when you hide something in a relationship or when one feels cheated. The romantic story turns to a relationship drama between the husband and wife in the second half. Melody is one of the most realistic love stories about how such relationships are shaping up in the age of Internet.

The film is a comeback for Nanjunda as director and Rajesh Krishnan as actor. The story mainly revolves around three characters played by Rajesh, Chetan Gandharva and Karthika Menon. Rajesh and Chetan are friends but very different in character. Rajesh is introverted personality and soft natured while his friend is just the opposite. Rajesh who had opposed marriage finally agrees after seeing Karthika. But he is too shy to approach her. Chetan who is shown as a big flirt helps his friend. But in the process Karthika imagines Rajesh as having the personality of Chetan. What happens when the truth tumbles out forms the rest of the story. Can Rajesh win love on his own efforts?

The highlight of the film is of course the songs. All of them are melodious and beautifully shot. Composer LN Shastri sticks to the concept of melody and even the background scores is kept soft and pleasing. In the supporting cast senior actor Ramakrishna does a great job in a small role. It is meaningful nonetheless. Among the main actors both Rajesh and Chetan are apt in their roles. It seems like it is their own personalities. Karthika in her Kannada debut makes an impressive start.

Melody is a film that is good for both the romantic audience and the family audience. It leaves audience with a pleasing impression. Time to book your tickets.

Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

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