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Omprakash Rao's new film 'Katte' seems to be a light hearted comedy film. The film sure is a light hearted comedy film, but with a strong dose of message in it. The film tells about the youths waste their life because of laziness and how difficult is it overcome such a life.

The film tells the story of Nagu (Nagashekhar) and Chandru (Chandu) and two other fellows who doesn't have any aim or work in their life. They spend their time sitting in a tea stall and dreaming of becoming politicians. Meanwhile, Nagu and Chandru fall for two girls. Just when everything seems to be right, there comes a situation when Nagu and Chandru understand that life is something else. What do they do next forms the crux of the film.

Omprakash who is known for big budget action films, for the first time has given a very sentimental film which touches everybody's heart. Though the first half of the film look quite simple and loose, it is the second half of the film which catches the viewers attention. Compared to the first half of the film, the second half is quite serious and the climax makes the viewers cry. The viewers leave the theater with a strong message in their hearts.

Nagshekhar and Chandan gives good performances. Chandan looks fresh and is good at acting too. Newcomer Ruksar has a long way to go. But Shravya looks lovely and is lively throughout the film. Apart from that Omprakash Rao, Srinivasamurthy, Avinash, Mico Nagaraj have given good performances.

Omprakash Rao has left no stone unturned to make the film a grandeur. The songs are not only good, but also has been shot very well. Ravikumar's cinematography is very good. So, are the dialogues by M S Ramesh.

'Katte' is not only a youths film, but also is a family film